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From Our Customers…
The Accuvape™ Evolution

While the quest to cut carcinogens wages on, the solutions seem to be getting bigger.  Pyrex tanks, bulky batteries and parts that need consistent maintenance are everywhere.  Pant pockets bear signs of carrying enormous alternatives to lighters and soft-packs.  Purses weigh more than they should.

But why?  We’ve been conditioned to think that bigger is better.  ACCUVAPE set out to prove differently and launched the V.Stick in October of 2013.

Sleek and simple to use, this personal oil vaporizer weighs under 20 grams empty and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse.  Giving you your skinny jeans back and the freedom to vape what you want, ACCUVAPE brought the sexy back—giving stiletto stoners a new option and bringing the cool-factor of James Dean to the now.

Modern Vapes and Accessories

Drop the clunky, heavy mods, save your pant pockets and keep your wallets filled.  Have a better vaping experience with Accuvape!

We don’t sell anything we don’t love or use ourselves.  Once you experience the ACCUVAPE difference, you’ll agree.